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About us

Hello! We are Manda and Ash
(aka Potter & Mash.)

We’re two mates living on opposite sides on the planet. Manda in Brisbane and Ash in London.
With 5 kids under 5, toy storage is a must have. We wanted something functional to hide all the mess but design was just as important. We couldn’t find what we were looking for…and so the journey of Potter & Mash. began.
 To get started, we used every minute outside our day jobs, middle of the night feeds and playing chief entertainer to toddlers. List after list, endless research, scraping ideas, starting again, meeting suppliers and millions of chats later, we were ready to launch our first product.
 Our fun, stylish and easy to use decals and prints are perfect for zhooshing up storage lots of us already have. Reimagine your toy storage and make it more playful.

Zhooshing is just the beginning of our journey...we have some pretty special new toy storage products launching later this year. Say hi on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter for updates, sales and more.

 Lots of love, Manda & Ash xx