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Show Me the Money storage box decals
Show Me the Money storage box decals
Show Me the Money storage box decals
Show Me the Money storage box decals

Show Me the Money storage box decals

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Calling all subway tile fans, our Show Me the Money decals are suitable for use on any white storage box, including your IKEA Trofast white boxes.

This A3 size decal sheet will cover 3-5 Trofast boxes depending on the size of your box and how closely you place each individual sticker. One A3 decal sheet has 54 individual rectangle shapes. 

This decal is really versatile. Pop them on vertically or horizontally like subway tiles for a sleek, paired back style. Or for something a bit less structured (and perhaps a bit easier to do) scatter their placement to create a confetti style effect.

The decal designs are printed on premium clear vinyl to create a floating affect on your storage box.

Decals let you put your own creative stamp on a project. They're also a really cost effective way to zhoosh up your storage style - what's not to love!

Feng Shui inspiration:
If your Trofast unit sits within either the South or South East section of your home, or in that section of your toy room, then you're probably going to be interested to learn about the Feng Shui influence that inspired this decal. 

The South East section of your home relates to your money and abundance zone and the East sector supports your family relationships and health. Green rectangles are the shape and colour that compliment these zones, so by adding this decal into these areas may bring unexpected abundance such as extra money, or improved family relationships and health into your life. 

 And one last thing, our prints are designed and printed in Australia. 

*IKEA box is not included.