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Toy storage labels
Toy storage labels
Toy storage labels

Toy storage labels

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Organise your toys with wooden toy storage labels to keep toys in their designated tubs.  

With a picture friendly design, and simple wording your child can learn to put their toys away. 

All packs come with a velcro sticky dot to attach the label onto your storage unit easily over our print and decal hack products. This way your tubs will look good and can stay tidy.  

We sell our our toy storage labels in pre-made packs with the most popular organising options. 

10 pack - Bro dudes & little misses   
Dolls, cars, bits & pieces, games, blocks, construction, stuffed toys, figurines, kitchen, dolls accessories 

5 pack - the generalist 
Bits & pieces, puzzles, costumes, stuffed toys and wooden toys 

5 pack - little misses 
Dolls, bits & pieces, stuffed toys, kitchen and doll accessories 

5 pack - bro dudes
Cars, bits & pieces, blocks, construction and figurines 

Each wooden circle swing tag measures 6.5cm in diameter and is 3mm thick plywood.

These products are Australian made, and timber shade may vary slightly from each batch.